Residential Services

County Waste welcomes our residential customers to AUTOMATED REFUSE COLLECTION


Automated collection is a unique and innovative system for residential waste and recycling removal. Although these vehicles come in at a hefty price tag, whereas many can cost upwards of $350,000.00, that’s right, $350k! These Garbage Collection trucks are highly efficient than all other traditional refuse trucks, all of which is needed to control the evermore increasing daily operating costs.

We along with many community leaders recognize the safety benefits they provide.

  • Our vehicles are designed to be safer for our drivers and residents in the community and come equipped with lifting mechanisms that easily empty your County Waste provided carts.
  • Each vehicle is equipped with multiple camera view spots.
  • Being a one­-man operation, the liability once seen with a multiple crew service has been dramatically reduced.
  • No more heavy manually lifting trash cans by a multiple crew team.
  • This aids in the possible reduction in workers compensation claims and will greatly reduce absenteeism, all of which supports our goal of providing superior customer service, while having the capabilities of improving productivity.


  • Did we say EASY? The wheeled carts are VERY EASY to maneuver.
  • Customers no longer have to endure the lifting or dragging of heavy cans!
  • Our carts are clean and provide the capabilities of having a neat looking neighborhood with a uniform appearance!
  • No more animals knocking over cans. No more wind blowing off lids and debris strewn throughout the community!
  • No more customer maintenance or replacing your own container – One call, and we take care of this too!

96 Gallon

Recycling Cart


Please use your County Waste provided cart for trash and/ or recycling pick up.

  • Be sure to place all waste and recyclables in the specified container for each material.
  • Wheel the cart(s) to the end of your driveway prior to 6AM on the assigned service day.
  • Carts should be placed with at least 3 feet clearance from mailboxes, poles, lampposts, vehicles and each other cart.
  • Make sure that the wheels on your trash and recycle cart are against the curb so that all waste or recyclable materials are emptied. Improper placement of cart(s) may result in material left behind in your container.
  • Please do not put anything you do not wish to be picked up near your carts. For example, lawn chairs, portable basketball hoops, bicycles, etc.