Roll Off Containers

The County Waste & Recycling ONE-STOP-SHOP continues with our full line of Industrial, Construction & Demolition, Solid Waste and Recycling Roll-Off Service.


Before we place a container, or recommend services, we like to have all of the facts to ensure that you don’t pay for a piece of equipment you don’t need. In most cases, one of our specially trained Account Managers will visit your business to assess your waste stream to help determine the appropriate size containers or compactors and services needed at your site. Want to schedule a waste audit? Please Contact Us for more details.


Once you have your waste and recycling program established, we’ll provide you with dependable service at an affordable rate. You can count on it!

Roll-Off Service for Construction and Demolition Removal

County Waste & Recycling provides roll off containers for Construction & Demolition (C&D) material which come in a variety of sizes, giving you the ability to have the container that you need for the project you are undertaking.

All containers are suitable for many different waste types.

  • Building materials
  • Rubble
  • Wood
  • Electrical components

  • Insulation
  • General waste
  • Plumbing fixture
  • Metal/Steel

  • **Concrete
  • **Bricks
  • **Chip Roofing
  • **Shingles

20 Yard Container

*L x W x H  =  22ft x 8ft x 3.5 ft

30 Yard Container

*L x W x H  =  22ft x 8ft x 5.5 ft


  • * When disposing of Concrete, Brick, Chip (Tar & Stone) Roofing and shingles – 20 yard containers are the maximum size used and should be loaded to a max level of 6” below side walls. When the majority or volume of the material is expected to be greater than 20 cubic yards – additional hauls or containers will be needed.
  • *40 cubic yard containers are used for light weight material only – availability restrictions apply.
  • ** Container size availability may differ from division to division